Great interior design is the result of experience, imagination, and collaboration. When you shop at Gates Home Furnishings, you’ll find a team of people prepared to listen to your ideas and help you define your unique style and tastes. We’ll turn your vision into a reality so that you can enjoy looks just like your favorite magazines and TV shows, and we’ll stay within your budget.

Gates Home Furnishings has been creating magnificent interiors in the Grants Pass, Oregon area for over 60 + years, and our design professionals will work with you to understand your unique tastes and needs to provide you with choices that match your specific requirements. Whether you are buying a single item, designing an entire room or redecorating your whole home or business, one of our highly trained designers will be there to offer guidance every step of the way.

Interior Design services include:

  • In-home consultation
  • Space planning
  • Furniture and fabric selections
  • Rug selections
  • Color selections
  • Coordination of accessories, art, wall décor, mirrors and lamps

With our help, you will make the right choice the first time, resulting in the look you want and saving you time and money by avoiding costly mistakes. Your designer provides all these services, AND the furniture is sold at the lowest possible price. Clients who work with independent designers usually pay an hourly fee, plus higher merchandise pricing. So, consider the true value for your money when you shop Gates Home Furnishings. Make your home a showplace with our help today! We love what we do. Please contact us to get started!

In-Home Consultation

Our interior decorators have the experience to create beautiful living spaces in your home. It takes more than a good eye to design a room – it takes a good ear. We’ll discuss your tastes, lifestyle and budget and help you put together the living room, dining room or bedroom you’ve always wanted. Just ask to speak with one of our qualified staff. We’d be happy to assist you. And by the way, our decorating assistance is free with qualified purchase.

Define Your Style


Characterized by clean lines and asymmetric accessorizing, a contemporary room is carefully planned so that every piece has a purpose. This style celebrates the subtle beauty of solid colors and basic shapes. It’s also the perfect starting point for coastal chic themes or eclectic homes because the contemporary foundation will not compete with whimsical touches.

Traditional Furniture

This timeless style evokes feelings of calm and order, which makes many people feel right at home. Time-honored furniture lines blend elegant details together with soft edges and make the individual pieces feel cohesive as a complete composition. This inviting style pairs perfectly with a touch of Oregon Charm!

Casual Furniture

This type of home furnishings makes your guests want to put their feet up and relax for a while. The homey, warm, and comfortable styles often incorporate elements of traditional and contemporary furniture, and often mirror dominant trends in American design. It will make you and your guests feel relaxed and right at home!

Transitional Furniture

By using straight and rounded lines that are less elaborate than traditional but less severe than contemporary, this furniture binds elements of both styles together for a resulting look that is beautiful and unique. If you like to mix and match styles, these pieces can be key elements in bringing the whole look together. It’s also a perfect solution if you want a slightly more formal room in your otherwise casual home.